this is what I like to call “the struggle stick”



this is what I like to call “the struggle stick”


hey everyone I really really hate to have to make this post but I’m in a spot of serious financial trouble right now and after 6 months of job hunting with no success I’m left without a lot of options right now.

Basically, I would really appreciate it if any of you who can afford it might be able to send me a small donation just so I have some money for essentials like food and gas money until I can figure something out to get myself in a stable situation. I would be more than happy to provide any kind of service in exchange if you want something in return as well.

You can donate here, and if that link doesn’t work for whatever reason there’s a button on my blog as well.

Additionally, I’m opening up cheap emergency commissions for however long I need to. My pricing is as follows:

$1 for a sketchpage
$2 for a lineart bust
$3 for a full color bust
$4 for a full body lineart
$5 for a full color full body picture

additional characters won’t cost any extra unless there is more than 4, in which case it will be another 50 cents for each character after the fourth.

n s f w, gore, and complex mechanical things are not off limits, but keep in mind that you’re getting what you’re paying for in terms of quality.

You can find my art here

I’m really sorry to have to make this post but any little bit of help is appreciated so much more than you know. if you can’t afford a donation but would still like to help, reblogging this is a great way of doing so. Thank you so much for your time!


my older brother saw that mike liked jojo and called them weeb trash

that’s it. mike rambo confirmed for weeb trash



i just witnessed a 12 year old punch another 12 year old for the chance to see breasts. and not just a light tap. this was a sucker punch. if these kids arent smart enough to google “hot girl tity” they arent smart enough to fake the sound of skin hitting skin. i have found my true calling. i am not going to heaven


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tbh you use tbh way too much

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